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Embedded Engineering

Embedded Systems | Duration 6 Weeks

Embedded Software Engineering is the process of controlling various devices and machines using software engineering.

Model-Based | Duration 6 Weeks

Model Based Development (MBD) can result in average costs savings of 25%-30% and time savings of 35%-40% (according to a global study by Altran Technologies,

Functional Verification | Duration 6 Weeks

Embedded software designs such as automotive systems have become highly complex to develop, test and certify.

Autosar | Duration 6 Weeks

AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a standardization initiative of leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers that was founded in autumn of 2003.

Functional Safety | Duration 6 Weeks

Safety practices are becoming more regulated as industries adopt a standardized set of practices for designing and testing products.