Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is a practice of sieving facts from perceptions, logic from hunches, and reasoning from assumptions. It’s pivotal to grow in life today like never before – specifically in the times of abundantly floating information.

Course Duration :   25 Hrs
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Whether you are a candidate looking for a high paying job? Or an employee aiming to climb on your career ladder? The word “critical thinking” frequently pops up in job descriptions so it’s clearly a desirable characteristic. Thus, this skill will increase possibility for that new job or that promotion.


  • Analyze the processes of logical reasoning to interpret information.
  • Giving up on Personal Biases
  • Create well-reasoned arguments.
  • Evaluate mode(s) of inquiry to gather and generate information.
  • Formulate significant questions for exploration.
  • Assess the reasonableness of arguments, positions, and beliefs.
  • Employ focus, organization, discipline, and empathy in approaching complex problems.
  • Evaluate own conclusions through reflective thinking.

Nishant Bhushan:
Nishant is a thorough Learning and Development professional and was associated with organizations of high order, to name a few: Deloitte, Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), Radisson, Big Dutchman, Institute of Hotel Management (IHM). He also loves working with students as an Innovation Mentor under ATL Mission, NITI Aayog, Gov. of India. 21st Century Skills are at the core of his passion wheel which he delivers through Experiential Learning methodology. His attention to improvement measurability and result orientation has enabled various successful programs.


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