Creativity is the ability to see beyond the obvious. It is a skill that can be developed and one can look at a problem from multiple perspectives — including those that others may not see. Creativity works best when combined with other 21st century skills.

Course Duration :   25 Hrs
Course Availability :
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Being creative at the workplace is not just making a smart spreadsheet or colorful PowerPoint presentation. Instead, it boils down to creative thinking and creative problem-solving.

  • Fresh thinking – Determine your ‘Thinker’ Style
  • Creativity Process – Discover and Develop a creativity yielding process as per your ‘Thinker Style’. Learn how to apply it to the workplace.
  • Creativity Techniques – Learn a range of practical and easy to use techniques for idea generating, problem-solving and evaluation. You will receive a toolbox which includes global standard instruments.
  • Application Framework – Build a customized framework which you can use to generate and harvest ideas for problem-solving.

Nishant Bhushan:
Nishant is a thorough Learning and Development professional and was associated with organizations of high order, to name a few: Deloitte, Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), Radisson, Big Dutchman, Institute of Hotel Management (IHM). He also loves working with students as an Innovation Mentor under ATL Mission, NITI Aayog, Gov. of India. 21st Century Skills are at the core of his passion wheel which he delivers through Experiential Learning methodology. His attention to improvement measurability and result orientation has enabled various successful programs.


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