Certificate Programme in Automobile Systems & Components

It is estimated that by 2022, the Indian Automotive Industry will employ an incremental 35 million people which requires the deployment of highly skilled manpower

Course Duration :   1193 Hrs
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The Course is built with a sharp focus on building automobile technicians and service professionals through Industry experts, Industrial tools, Industry Systems, and Industry Vetted Curriculum; who will be ready to effectively perform at a workplace, in India and abroad. The industry can confidently offer career opportunities to certified professionals who will be able to offer tangible proof of their technical knowledge.

The learner goes through an immersive industry-relevant skill development program, which involves Concept Sessions, Workshop Competency Building, imparting Live Experience, by ensuring a competency-based assessment and thorough testing. When a learner completes this course, they will have the competence and confidence to work on a broad range of light vehicle components and systems.

Program Brief: With an investment of 1193 hours over a period of 6 months, with a composition of 60% Workshop and Live Experience, and 40% Concept Sessions, a learner acquires knowledge and competence on 21 modules, 51 automobile segments, and 226 knowledge areas.

Qualification: This course is highly recommended for any graduate who aspires and is focused to build a valuable career in the automobile sector and seeks to earn credibility in their prospective job candidature. All admission to the course happens through a selection process: Entrance Exam, and Personal Interview

Certification: Pi-Square Technologies LLC (USA) shall award successful candidates by certifying their readiness for a healthy career in the Industry.

Scope: India is expected to emerge as the world’s third-largest passenger vehicle market by 2021. It is estimated that by 2022, the Indian Automotive Industry will employ an incremental 35 million people which requires the deployment of highly skilled manpower at all major players and enabling sector.

Students passing out from the program can take up roles in Auto Sales, Auto Finance, Service Advisory, Service Supervision, Mechanics, Testing, Inspection and Valuation in various Auto OEMs, Auto Component Manufacturers, New Car Dealers, Used Car Dealers, Service Centres, and Auto Finance sector.

A learner can also, be self-employed by being an entrepreneur through our exclusive Entrepreneurship Support Program.

Course Content:

PICASCM001: Introduction of Cars

Subjects: 03 | Theory: 8 Hrs

PICASCM002: Cross Sections

Subjects: 03 | Theory: 12 Hrs | Workshop: 8 Hrs

PICASCM003: OH&S Occupation health and safety

Subjects: 04 | Theory: 25 Hrs | Workshop: 20 Hrs

PICASCM004: Engine

Subjects: 03 | Theory: 50 Hrs | Workshop: 70 Hrs

PICASCM005: Transmission/Transaxle

Subjects: 02 | Theory: 30 Hrs | Workshop: 50 Hrs

PICASCM006: Drive Train and Axles

Subjects: 02 | Theory: 25 Hrs | Workshop: 35 Hrs

PICASCM007: Suspension and Steering

Subjects: 03 | Theory: 30 Hrs | Workshop: 50 Hrs

PICASCM008: Brakes

Subjects: 03 | Theory: 25 Hrs | Workshop: 25 Hrs

PICASCM009: Electrical/Electronic Systems

Subjects: 04 | Theory: 40 Hrs | Workshop: 60 Hrs

PICASCM010: Heating and Air Conditioning

Subjects: 03 | Theory: 20 Hrs | Workshop: 40 Hrs

PICASCM011: Engine Performance

Subjects: 02 | Theory: 20 Hrs | Workshop: 25 Hrs

PICASCM012: Lubricants

Subjects: 02 | Theory: 30 Hrs | Workshop: 20 Hrs

PICASCM013: Problem Identification

Subjects: 02 | Theory: 30 Hrs | Workshop: 50 Hrs

PICASCM014: Inspection of the Vehicle 

Subjects: 02 | Theory: 30 Hrs | Workshop: 30 Hrs

PICASCM015: Cooling System

Subjects: 02 | Theory: 20 Hrs | Workshop: 20 Hrs

PICASCM016: Complete Vehicle Services

Subjects: 02 | Theory: 40 Hrs | Workshop: 60 Hrs

PICASCM017: Cost Estimations

Subjects: 02 | Theory: 30 Hrs | Workshop: 20 Hrs

PICASCM018: Auto Detoxification

Subjects: 04 | Theory: 30 Hrs | Workshop: 35 Hrs

PICASCM019: Advanced Equipment for Servicing

Subjects: 01 | Theory: 10 Hrs | Workshop: 20 Hrs

PICASCM020: Fabrication

Subjects: 02 | Theory: 10 Hrs | Workshop: 40 Hrs

PICASCM021: Research Project

Live Project: 01 | Completion within 30 Days

Druv S Krish Yarlagadda

Druv is a seasoned automobile professional with over 10 years of experience working in Australia,
Germany, and now in India. He enjoys being the alumni of various internally prestigious institutions;
Cambridge International College, West Australian School of Mines, and Charles Darwin University.

In his journey as a professional, he has given his services to renowned organizations; Toyhatsu,
Beaurepaires Australia, and Melbourne Cup and Moonee Valley Race.

Druv carries in depth expertise in automobile systems and components through his wide global
exposure and the Indian context. He believes in imparting more of hand-on experience and in-depth
expertise to learners with which they can meet the ever-increasing skill demand of companies at
technician and service engineer career levels.

His passion for automobiles had led him to be the V-8 Car Racer For Phillip Island Auto Racing Club,
Melbourne, where he participated in 17 leagues, with Top Speed record of 17.78km with 12 deep turns
in 5m:34s.


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