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21st Century Skills

 Critical Thinking | Duration 25 Hours

Critical Thinking is a practice of sieving facts from perceptions, logic from hunches, and reasoning from assumptions. It’s pivotal to grow in life today like never before – specifically in the times of abundantly floating information

Creativity | Duration 25 Hours

Creativity is the ability to see beyond the obvious. It is a skill that can be developed and one can look at a problem from multiple perspectives — including those that others may not see. Creativity works best when combined with other 21st century skills.

Collaboration | Duration 20 Hours

Collaboration is a practice to work together to achieve a common goal. It’s one of the crucial skills to succeed at workplace. Diversity and Distance are something in which most of the teams work in todays time and these shall only increase in future.

Communication | Duration 20 Hours

Communication is a skill to convey ideas quickly and clearly. It is Not limited to verbal ability in English, instead it goes much beyond the linguistic ability. With communication locked down, one can streamline their ideas and advance in work completion.